Heartbleed is a bug that was found in the TLS/SSL Layer of communication for the internet.  We have told you that looking for the padlock before sending payments is essential to keep your information safe.  However; the last two years there has been a vulnerability, and people could steal passwords, and other information without anyone knowing.  There has been a fix.  Make sure your computer is up-to-date along with any browsers that you may be using to get access to the internet.

Straight Forward Computing Mobile Gaurdian

Straight Forward Computing is offering a new service for $50/year.  We can track your phone GPS if your phone is ever stolen, so the Law Enforcement has a chance to recover it, or in case of emergencies.  If your phone cannot be recovered, we can wipe the phone of all your data.  We also protect your phone from viruses.

Will my computer handle Windows 7?

Check your XP operating system to see if it is upgradable to Windows 7 by using the Windows 7 upgrade advisory tool.

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Windows XP will be reaching the end of its life cycle on April 8, 2014.  If you are connected to the internet, it will always be vulnerable.  Microsoft currently pushes out updates to the operating systems when they find a vulnerability.  Without the updates to protect you, the computer will be open to hackers, viruses, and malware.  If you do online banking at all, this can put your banking at risk.  Not are you putting yourself at risk, but you could be putting others at risk.  Hackers could use your computer to build a network of computers to do their work.  To the left, you will see a button to test your computer if it can handle Windows 7.

Facebook Scanner

Check your Facebook for malicious apps, and postings. Use this scanner if you are posting with out your knowledge

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Online Scanner

This will scan your computer for viruses and malware. This is a good way to scan, but may not fix everything.

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Computer Builds

We build custom desktop computers for the advanced gamerto the advanced Facebook user. No matter what your needs, we customize desktop computers that fit your needs.

Computer Repair

We offer hardware replacement to virus removal and pc tuneup. Screen replacement to keyboard replacement, we can do it all here at Straight Forward Computing.

Remote Assistance

If you have the ability to be online, we have the ability to remote to your computer to repair from the office. Give us a call at 218.371.7726
Background Information

Fergus Falls Computer Repair and Battle Lake

Fergus Falls Computer Repair and Battle Lake – Straight Forward Computing was founded on the idea to be Straight Forward with the customers!  It started when a friend of mine purchased a computer from [removed] and problems started.  First off, the computer was slow, and I found that the company had charged $100 for optimization.  It also was a floor model that was sold, and listed as brand new.  The memory on the purchase didn’t match the sold product.  The response was that the specifications are only estimated. On another day, a friend purchased a computer from a [removed] in town.  When the computer stopped working, she took the computer back to them.  The response was that she had to buy a new computer.  The computer was only 4 months old, under warranty, but that wasn’t good enough.  When it came to Straight Forward Computing we noticed that it was a file at the boot that was corrupted, and needed to be replaced.  Once that was fixed, the computer started up fine, and no more issues. A customer brought their computer into the shop, and the computer was running extremely slow.  It was full of viruses.  The company [removed] had told the owner that there is no need for an anti-virus and to use limewire to get free music.  This company was in violation of copyright laws just for saying that.  Knowing that the customer would be back, because limewire is a great way to get infected. I couldn’t believe it.  The longer that I am in this field, the more I find myself extremely ashamed of these companies.  Hence, Straight Forward Computing was named. Straight Forward Computing Offers Computer Repair in Fegus Falls, Battle Lake, Otter Tail, and surrounding areas.  We set up networks and specialize in Virus Removal and Spyware removal in Fergus Falls and surrounding area.

Mission Statment

To provide superior customer service to all the customers.  To listen to the customer’s needs above our own needs.  To form a bond with the customers that cannot be broken.  To provide insight to technology, and provide reliable service.

Straight Forward Computing offers Battle Lake computer repair, and Fergus Falls computer repair as well as surrounding area.

Straight Forward Computing is here to help Battle Lake, Fergus Falls, Dalton, and surrounding are to get the technology that they need, as well as the computer repair that they need.  We aren’t here to make one feel that we are taking the money out of their wallet, but here to better serve the Arvig Enterprises and Park Region Telephone Company area.

Computer repair is our specialty and we are located in the central location of Battle Lake MN.  We will continue to make improvements to our company to better serve the community and surrounding area.

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